Garbage Collection Brampton Services

Over the course of the decade, all cities across the GTA are taking on an environmentally-oriented approach by providing different bins that are used to sort various types of materials that need to be disposed. it is important to acknowledge that there are currently four distinct types that are apparent in residential areas: organics, yard waste, recycle, and garbage. With those four existing sets of bins, it is also pivotal to understand which materials need to be disposed on what particular bin primarily for the purpose of maintaining and achieving environmental cleanliness.

Garbage Collection Brampton Services For Organics

All of the residential homes should have received a green cart that is mainly used for organics. When you contribute towards a clean environment, your organic waste can be turned into compost which benefits the environment. With the apparent lock on the cart, it prevents pests such as raccoons from scrummaging through your organic waste. Many materials that you can dispose in your organic waste bin include, but not limited to:

● Food scraps
● Fruit and vegetable peels
● Bones, meat, and fish
● Cotton balls
● Coffee grounds and filters
● House plants with soil removed

Garbage Collection Brampton Services For Yard Waste

When collecting yard waste, you are permitted to utilize old garbage containers or a durable kraft brown paper bag for disposal. Be aware that there are different sizes, material, and weight limitations for bags or containers used for yard waste. The materials that are allowed for yard waste disposal are:

● Tree trimmings and branches
● Halloween pumpkins
● Household and garden plants
● Grass clippings
● Shredded paper
● Leaves

Garbage Collection Brampton Services For Recycling

When you recycle, please do not throw in your garbage or any hazardous materials in the recycling bin. It is important to acknowledge that recycling disposals are kept in a blue cart or a transparent blue bag. Many recycling items include:

● Flattened water bottles
● Juice boxes
● Magazines, cardboard cartons, newspapers
● Plastic and glass bottles
● Milk and juice cartons

Contributing to responsible disposable waste shows a positive impact on the environment. For more information about garbage collection, please contact Arcadia Bin Rentals at 647-802-1876.